Thirty, Worried and Trying


Here we are…

I remember being a little girl watching all of my favorite films where your thirties meant a beautiful house, husband, children and fancy AF social events with your girlfriends every night…as 13 going on 30 put it “Thirty, Flirty and Thriving”!

I have come to realize that my 30s are going to be a completely different scenario than projected. I am functioning (outwardly), and by that I mean I have a stable job, an adult-ish apartment, a wonderful boyfriend and a few degrees. However, I am full of what you might call inward facing issues.


And before we start diving into what breathing exercises, journaling, and exercise might help…I have tried them all.

With that said, I am starting to realize that while I am terrified of being a so-called “adult” so are 99% of the people out there. FYI most people don’t know what the fuck they are doing and are just trying to figure that shit out as they go.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE…despite our infinitely small place in the universe as a whole. While I rarely feel alone per se, I frequently feel like I am living in a world where I am fighting against myself to fit into being what a thriving 30 something woman should be…and want a safe space to say the real blunt un-sugar-coated realities of what growing into being alright with being my anxious and introverted self.

It is ok to be who I am…It is ok to be who you are…we got this!

2 thoughts on “Thirty, Worried and Trying

  1. Aunty Iris says:

    Here I am, age 70, and still surprised every morning when I wake up that I’m an adult. It wasn’t until my parents died that I realized that my sister, brother and I had become the adults in our family. I guess we’re doing OK at it.


    • Hello There! says:

      It is never too late or early to find out that we have reached adulthood, and there are so many things that can snap us into that realization. I think it is ok to do OK, we gotta be patient and accept that sometimes. I hope that I will still be doing ok as an adult in my 70s =)


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