Kill Bill(s)

Mail was always such an exciting thing when I was a kid. I remember being pretty jealous that my parents got so much mail, and I got 1-2 checks a year for special occasions and the junk mail when I was growing up. I would tell my parents how popular they were and how I wish I could get the same amount of mail as they did. #kidsaredumb.

It wasn’t until I had reached full-fledged adulthood that I really got to reflect back and come to the realization that all of this mail “treasure” I had guilted and complained about were Bills!

As an adult just getting out of grad school bills are a MAJOR reality of everyday life…and can literally take the breath out of you (and your wallet) at times. Let’s be real and admit most of us have had that wonderful feeling of having that payday cash in your pocket, which we quickly follow with the responsible and proactive feeling of paying off your bills followed by the fun wave of realizing how much debt you have left to pay combined with the fact that you are now pretty dang broke till the next payday when we start this exciting dance all over…its fun I know!

It can be easy to become disenfranchised when you feel like you are in this cycle, and it is normal to feel panicked or overwhelmed at the idea of this being an unending spinning ride. Personally, I feel all of the above, however, I am working on tricking my mind into a healthier processing place with this.

Not to sound prescriptive…but for me personally being mindful (or trying to be mindful) is something that can occasionally take the edge off. Yes, it might be more effective going into the weekend because the Monday and Sunday blues are further away but it gives me some extra staying power throughout the week. I think that what works for each person will differ but my mindfulness go-to list is:

Taking a walk while listening to music or an audio story
Eating something healthy slowly (i.e.) apple
Yoga & Meditation (POWER COMBO)
Taking a shower and singing really loud
…and let us not forget that sometimes it is ok to just do nothing

Listen to yourself, but if you are feeling stagnant it can be helpful to try to throw something new & fresh to push you into functioning…at least until we win the lotto and then we can just become forever couch potatoes…just kidding (kind of).

2 thoughts on “Kill Bill(s)

  1. Nay says:

    I just stumbled across your page through the LGP slack channel and this was the exact belly laugh I needed. Thank you for being so unapologetically raw and honest. I feel lost every day and I am trying to find the pleasure in growing pains and build a greater community around me that reflects that search. So thank you for being on the world wide web!!


    • Hello There! says:

      Nay thank you so much for your words! It means so much to me that you were able to connect and enjoy my page! I also frequently feel lost, and knowing that we are truly in a community and not alone helps me feel better. Thank you once again! ♥️


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