Finding peace in the storm

There is that saying that sometimes the only way out is through and I truly believe that is what I lived this weekend. This weekend was a rollercoaster and overall a positive memory, but there were definitely trials and tribulations throughout. Not to mention only getting about 6-8 hours of sleep combined over 3 days (good grief)!

I remember several moments of the weekend that I would feel defeated in a moment, but when looking back I see that it was important to experience on so many levels.

For whatever reason, my stress levels (while high) have been maintainable, and I think some of that is me accepting the fact that I cannot run from anything that is going on in my life. I have to run at each challenge face on, and even though that is terrifying…I have been able to do it for the past few weeks.

I don’t know if it is channeling my thoughts in this blog, hearing from so many people that are in the same headspace, or just some good ole fashion exhaustion but I feel like I am now at the foot of a mountain going up instead of tumbling down.

In the past, I have had somewhat manic moments going from extreme depression to a manic excitement only to cycle back, and while I am nervous and know that A LOT of hard work is coming up I feel more grounded approaching it.

I am working on doing more yoga and meditation and being mindful from moment to moment to keep myself chugging forward without backstepping. I know it is completely possible (and highly likely) that I will backslide now and then but I am trying to except that at this moment.

Have any of you guys found that being bombarded with lots of stressors turns off your anxiety aggression at times? What helps you stay grounded?

Anywho, stay tuned for next weeks episode (I can be a completely new me)…Jekyll and Hyde much? ❤

2 thoughts on “Finding peace in the storm

    • Hello There! says:

      All of these are such great things! I have been trying to teach myself to knit and have found it incredibly calming (until I cried a bit when a lot of it unraveled at the end), but I want to keep at it! Thanks for sharing ❤


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