Feeling Schwifty

Happy Thursday Everybody!

We are almost to the end of the week, and while it has been crazy busy between work and personal projects, it has actually been a great week. Last weekend was the big 6th anniversary for my boyfriend and me. We decided to keep it pretty mellow and not go wild on gifts (as we had in the past). I bought some dinner (tacos obviously), and he got me Rick, and Morty themed Clue. As my photo this week might suggest I am an uber fan of all things Rick and Morty related.

Deciding not to spend money was a great call and made me want to share this in today’s post. I have found that spending has been a go-to for me when I am stressed. This “retail therapy” has done some significant damage to what I need to pay off (combined with my grad school debt), that I am working on chipping away one month at a time. It is so easy to slip into that habit, and it can be one that causes crazy anxiety and panic month over month.

I came to embrace the realization finally that you can have just as much fun on a budget (I mean excluding weekend trips to Disneyland…my favorite place). I have been exploring all things budget from Reddit, Pinterest, and beyond!

I know similarly to dealing with other challenging areas of life, it will take time to pay off the debt that I have accrued…but as I work towards that keeping it simple is going to be my daily mantra. Simple is fun, simple can be inexpensive and simple can help make a smoother future path for our future selves.

What are some ways you have found you deal with stress that might be counterproductive? What are some ways you have counteracted those habits? What budgeting /frugal tips do you all have?

I am looking forward to hearing some tips and tricks from all of you! Have a wonderful weekend! C’ya on Thursday (and keep it schwifty) ❤

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